Art. 100GP

Wired cover
Code 679180

Buttons wired cover. Dim.180 x h265 mm

Art. 100GG

Protection PVC box
Code 679140

Large PVC box, suitable to include any other DEA boxes, to grant a better protection and isolation. Dim. 250 x h350 x 175 mm

Art. 100A

Box in ABS.
Code 679130

ABS box to be mounted into LIVI range operators or to fix on the wall. Dim. 113 x h190 x 65.

Art. 100G

PVC box
Code 679060

PVC box for any control board. Dim. 180 x h265 x 90 mm

Art. 100GR

PVC box with raised deck
Code 679070

PVC box with raised deck, suitable for control boards with batteries. Dim. 180 x h265 x 130 mm


Box with key lock
Code 679210

Painted steel box with key lock for the installation of control boards and other devices.The key is compatible with the locks of all the breakouts of the Dea operators. Dim. 400 x h300 x 200 mm