published on 03/07/2013

2 years have passed since we released our last price list dated June 2011, and now I would like to tell you about all the new developments we have made during these 2 years to permit you to “Move as you like” in the field of automations for gates, garage doors, industrial doors, barriers and bollards.
“Move as you like”, our new slogan, summarizes the DEA SYSTEM SPA‘ desire to provide all its customers with even more performing products. We also decided to offer more in terms of communication, a new image that represents our values and our mission: through our catalogue, price list and new image we want to open the door of our world.
Here you are a short introduction of the new products and novelties:
+ Newest control panels NET24N and NET230V with DE@NET patented technology will be onboard our
+ All Operator KITS will be provided with 2 remotes and LED flashing lights with integrated antenna;
+ GHOST100 and GHOST200 kits will be supplied with 1 of the two operators having a cable 7 or 8 mt. long;
+ New GHOST100 operator will be available by the end of summer 2013;
+ REV the new operator for sliding gates up to 1.400 Kg., 230V and 24V self-locking models and 230V NOT SELF LOCKING models with electric-brake;
+ Better performing LOOK operators thanks to the new STAINLESS STEEL ROD;
+ IRONBOX, the vandal- proof stainless painted casing for REV and GULLIVER;
+ More of our operators for swing gates and garage doors will have encoders included;
+ New adjustable photocells LINEAR/NET designed for connection via BUS;
+ New vandal proof COVERS for photocells art. LINEAR, LINEAR/B and LINEAR/NET;
+ New TR2N and TR4N remotes in glossy black versions;
+ New 3 years warranty on Operators and Control panels (see General Conditions of Sale/Warranty attached to the 2013 Price List).
This and much more awaits you in the new DEA SYSTEM experience! I personally thank you for the confidence you have always granted us that permitted our continuous innovation and send my best regards.