published on 03/07/2013

3 years warranty, one year more for those who choose the DEA System products. Our strong point is reliability, the ability to design and manufacture products that maintain performance over time. Given the positive feedback on the market, we thought to reward installers who choose the quality.
An additional guarantee, an additional service, enhanced security that opens up new opportunities.
Further information on the terms and conditions of warranty of DEA System are available on the site, or on the price list.
Excerpt from the Terms of sale posted on the Price List 2013:
DEA System offers on all operators a 24-month warranty from purchase/installation date, provided that it is duly certified by a valid tax document (invoice or receipt), showing the details of the products purchased / installed.
Also on motors and control panels, in addition to the standard 24-month warranty, DEA System offers an additional extended warranty of 12 months from date of manufacture printed on the labels.
Photocells, remote controls and all the other accessories undergo more wear and tear than other products and are therefore covered by a 24-month “proper working warranty” from the manufacturing date printed on the label pasted to each product. The warranty period does not apply to photocells and remote controls that after being installed were found immediately working.
The processing of the product warranty will not be in any way made obligatory in the absence of all or part of the documents attesting the date of purchase and the original label with a code and the date of manufacture.
The warranty is to restore the original conformity by free repair or replacement of materials recognized defective as a result of discrepancies of the production process. Gratuity refers to the costs needed to make again conform such items. The warranty does not cover shipping costs to be incurred by the applicant for sending and receiving of materials repaired / replaced. In addition, any other injury damage or expense of any nature incurred by the customer is excluded. All products that are replaced will remain the property of DEA SYSTEM.
The DEA SYSTEM Warranty will not apply if:
• the fault is caused by an installation not performed according to the instructions provided by DEA System;
• product not used in conformity with its intended purpose or its operating limits, as specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation
supplied with the product itself;
• non-original DEA SYSTEM parts have been used for the installation;
• failures are due to tampering or improper repairs carried out by unauthorized personnel;
• failures are caused by improper use or neglect in use;
• lack of routine maintenance as specified by the manufacturer in the technical documentation supplied with the product itself;
• the causes of failure are due to external factors such as electric shock, tampering even accidental, bumps and drops even accidental, exposure to moisture or steam, use in extreme thermal or environmental conditions, floods or other natural disasters;
• removal or voluntary cancellation of the serial number.
The repair or replacement of parts during the warranty period does not extend the expiry date of the guarantee. Any compensation will be recognized for the period of inactivity of the faulty installation.