published on 23/04/2014

Thanks to the European standards concerning the safe use of doors, today the installation of a motorized door has to guarantee (by the producer and installer) maximum security to those who use it or who simply stand nearby.

In many cases, where the risk of the motorized opening/closing can create physical or material damages, the characteristics of the automation alone are not sufficient to ensure an installation that complies with the EN standards. In this case, the installation of safety edges at points where there is a risk of impact with the moving door is necessary.

In sliding gates, but also in sectional doors, the best solution to communicate the information from the safety edge to the control board without additional cables is the D-BAND, the DEA wireless system that using a receiver connected to the control board can receive up to 7 different signal transmitters (each connected to a mechanical or resistive safety edge).


Choose the D-BAND of DEA to have many advantages (see details below): easy to install and safe!

Jointly with the mechanical or resistive safety edges present in our product catalog, you can have a completely secure installation.