New range of ACCESSORIES

published on 16/03/2016


DEA improves her offer with a new range of accessories which join a brand new image to the everlasting DEA quality that you already know. 


We’ve designed this new range for you and your customers: your installation experience will be easier and the usage for your customers will be more enjoyable.


We introduce AURA, our last flashing light; the GT transmitters range and LINEAR XS, the new extra small photocells.




Aura has a very sleek design.


The external cover is white, transparent and with a subtle opacity to assure the maximum luminosity of the high intensity white LED with yellow cap.


Special feature is the 90° adjustable base that allows Aura to be placed in very narrow spaces.




The GT remotes entirely replace the previous MIO remotes with a new sporty cover, in different colors you can play with. They are available in 2 and 4 channels.


GT2/GT4: replace of the TR2 and TR4, with white cover and black buttons; in 433MHz and Rolling Code. Available also with black cover and grey buttons.


GT2M/GT4M: these are the bifunction version of the GT, actually a great revolution for the DEA transmitters. They can be used both in Rolling Code and clonable mode.


GT2N/868 and GT4N/868: these are GT in 868MHz to solve any problem related to interferences; with white cover and blu buttons.





Linear XS  is the new photocell, small and discreet.


It is 38mm wide, to solve any problem related to small spaces and (garage doors, narrow surfaces…) while keeping the same electronic circuit of LINEAR.


Cable entry is both back side and bottom.