LIVI 5/24 BOOST and GULLIVER: stronger, quicker, safer

published on 03/08/2016

LIVI and GULLIVER serie increases their performances thanks to the quicker LIVI 5/24/BOOST and GULLIVER with 

a stronger stator.


Our LIVI 5/24/BOOST, is faster than ever, with a speed up to 17m/min thanks to the new motor. Safe, noiseless and reliable on the residential installations with DE@NET technology. 

Available also in kit.


From July 2016, our mono phase GULLIVER (18NET, 18NET/M, 18/IB) will be provided with a more powerful stator that allows higher performances on leaves up to 2000Kg.


In particular:


- Max thrust with Z18 pinion: 1300 N

- Max torque: 50 Nm

- Max leaf weight:  2000 Kg