NETLINK System: all your installations in your smartphone.

published on 26/04/2017

NETLINK is the new DEA technology which allows you to create and manage your installations easily.


With NETLINK, you can store the installations, save and manage the parameters and remotes; you can also share the datas of the installations.


In order to use NETLINK you must link up NET-NODE to the compatible control boards and associate it to the DEAinstaller App.


Compatible devices report a unique serial number of 10 digits (eg: 00 02 00 AB F5) that identifies the type of card and will be recognized during the scan of the App.




NET-NODE the module to be wired to DE@NET devices (control units and receivers) that enables the wireless programming of the installation thanks to the DEAinstaller App.


If left connected to the control board, it also enables you to control the automation with DEAuser App.






DEAcloud is the must-have on-line service which is necessary to DEAinstaller to retreive informations about the devices compatible with NETLINK.


It also allows you to automatically backup the datas of the installations in your account.


Visit DEAcloud






PREMIUM CARD allows your DEAcloud account to become an INSTALLER PREMIUM account and associate up tp 10 smartphones.


These 10 devices will be able to share the datas of the installations related to your account.  INSTALLER PREMIUM account is valid for 12 months from date of activation, then you must buy another PREMIUM CARD.




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