Company Profile




Talent, passion and professionalism drive us to measure ourselves daily with an increasingly competitive market, in which we distinguish ourselves by the high reliability and quality of our products, easy to install and use.

From when we started, in 1993, DEA System has grown up with ambition, always looking to the future and to develop further: first it took root in its own country and then brought its own Italian challenge abroad, openingbranches in and outside Europe.

A challenge that feeds on innovation, continuous research, and constant improvement in performance technology. We study the market needs to satisfy it with flexible and complementary products, suitable to the most varied requirements of installation. Highly reliable technology fully designed, manufactured and tested in Italy.

For this DEA System has created DEA Electron, a Business Unit that develops and manufactures high quality electronic with high standards of control and certified results.

We study the market needs to satisfy you with flexible and complementary products often on hybrid and highly reliable installations because they are entirely designed, built and tested in Italy.

The tenacity in achieving the goals has allowed us to scale up not only nationally but also abroad, with the opening of offices in Spain, Poland, France, Portugal, United Kingdom, and summer 2012, Belarus and Russia.

DEA is freedom of movement. We seek the pleasure to satisfy you every day all over the world.