1993 DEA SYSTEM Srl foundation  
1994 LIVI 800, the first sliding gate operator was born
1998 DEA moves to the new headquarter in Zané – Vicenza DEA SYSTEM - Zanè (Vicenza)
1999 DEA Electron foundation DEA ELECTRON
2001 The first foreign subsidiary DEA SYSTEM SL – Spain was established. In the same year we started DEA POLSKA – Poland
2004 We opened the first italian branch at Giussano (MB) to supply more support to the Italian market
2005 DEA SYSTEM Sarl – France was opened DEA SYSTEM in France
2007 DEA SYSTEM moves to the present headquarter in Piovene Rocchette – Vicenza
2012 We started DEA SYSTEM CIS, based in Minsk, Belarus, to better manage the Russian speaking markets