High performance from simple insights


Those who choose excellence can rely on reliable and long-lasting automations and on our fast and resolving pre-and post-sale service.
Technology of high-quality and simple installation, are essential characteristics of the DEA brand products, facilitating professionalism in choice and in the operation, as well as in the relationship with the customer.
We closely follow the production processes, from assembly to the mechanics construction, which, together with our electronics, ensure a constant quality over time.
For this DEA System has created DEA Electron, a company that develops and manufactures high quality electronics with high standards of control and certifed results.
We develop intelligent solutions starting with our intuitions, to ensure high performance. Multifunctionality and fexibility of our products stems from a technology available to everyone, close to the real needs of our customers: for this reason we've created a patented system of simplifed programming, the DE@ NET. A universal control board that can be installed on all types of automations.
In everyday life that becomes more and more complex, DEA chooses simplification. Quick installation, easy management, command, move freely.
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