It is the result of years of investing in research and developing solutions. We constantly discuss and collaborate with our customers,putting energy, dedication and competence into every single phase of each project.

How do we work?

Thinking as installers

They are the ones who will actualise the idea of automation that you have in mind for your home or your company. It is thanks to the privileged relationship with selected professionals that we are able to create products that are calibrated to practical needs and to anticipate the needs that will arise..

Safe automation, without worries

Let's talk about technology

The DEA team: the great motor of our company?

We are like the automations we produce: concrete and reliable.

Whenever you need us for advice or assistance, we are there, quick, effective and friendly..

This is we believe in good relationships with partners, clients and inside our company, where the specific skills of experienced professionals merge with the talent and intuition of our young employees.

It is on the DEA rooftop that our team meets to brainstorm and consolidate its ideas;
this is a constructive place, where we bring together experiences and ideas that will improve our services and the performance of our products.

This approach centres around the DEA team and promotes global involvement: in an atmosphere of brilliant multiformity, 80 human resources from the Research and Development, Production, Sales, Administrative and Distribution departments work together at the Piovene Rocchette headquarters.

The DEA world is energy, sharing, commitment.

Discover it through those who know it well and can tell you about it. We have a network of certified installers ready to explain you how we work and to show you our products


Italian know-how

By investing in systems, equipment and people we have increased the quality of our products and raised the standards of our service, year by year.
The centralization of all the development phases allows us to have full control over the entire production and distribution process: this is of fundamental importance in order to guarantee the quality of every single element, especially when it comes to technology and electronics related to the safety of people.

Since 2013, the group has become stronger thanks to the collaboration with DEA HT, the high technology division dedicated to the development and production of electronic components. 40 people who design, engineer, prototype and test the electronic elements that manage our automations.

Safe and tested Italian production.

DEA in the world

DEA's vision has always been multinational, from the very beginning of its activity. We started exporting our challenge and values almost 30 years ago, becoming a company highly renowned and appreciated worldwide for its high-quality automations.

We have 14 branches all over the world, 8 of which have been open since 2012: a growing need for commercial coverage that is the result of the positive response of international markets to our products.

A collaboration with our clients that is solidly based on a strong spirit of continuity and belief in our projects, as well as a proactive approach towards growth and improvement.

Six branches in France, two in the UK, one in Germany, Spain, Portugal, Belarus and Poland, and one branch in Italy contribute to the promotion of the DEA brand, while guaranteeing and protecting the peculiarities of our products.

Find your nearest DEA branch!

We see a world where every person will be free to interact with each element of their home, office, company or public place as they desire.

We create products and systems for the automation of buildings and public spaces able to interact in a simple and smart way with professionals and end users

People and passion are at the heart of our activities, and thanks to the commitment of all our employees, we design and manufacture products that will be used every day by thousands of peopleall over the world