The Management of DEA SYSTEM Spa believes that the success of the Company lies above all in the quality of the products offered to the Customer and considers its primary objective to obtain and increase the Customer's trust in it through the implementation and constant improvement of an organizational system that meets the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard.

To this end, the Management guarantees that the concrete application of the Policy and its effectiveness are verified through a series of activities aimed at keeping all processes under control, both to eliminate the causes of unsatisfactory performance and to achieve greater efficiency through the analysis of suitable indicators for measuring improvements.


For this reason, the Management of DEA SYSTEM Spa, which has always been sensitive to the problems of quality, undertakes in the course of its activity to

- demonstrate the Company's ability to regularly supply products that comply with the Customer's requirements and applicable mandatory requirements, anticipating the Customer's needs in order to produce a product that exceeds its expectations and to offer added value compared to the competition;

- ensuring the continuous and measurable improvement of the Company's performance, with particular attention to those processes directly influencing the quality of the product and service;

- support and motivate the Staff in the promotion of product quality, also through the implementation of internal and external improvement proposals;

- increase staff knowledge through appropriate training programmes;

- manage quality as a critical part of its activity, considering it a primary element in the evaluation of professional performance;

- establish collaborative relationships with suppliers necessary to improve the supply chain and product quality;

- achieve better economic and financial performance.


In order to achieve these objectives, the Management of DEA SYSTEM Spa has first of all highlighted the need to

- document and implement a Quality Management System in accordance with the requirements of the UNI EN ISO 9001 standard;

- carry out periodic monitoring of the processes, of the degree of satisfaction and of the Customer's needs regarding the quality of the products offered, favouring the prevention of problems rather than corrective action;

- ensuring that internal procedures, an essential element of organization, are constantly adapted to the demands of an increasingly demanding market.


The Management of DEA SYSTEM Spa, moreover, constantly promotes and verifies the dissemination, understanding, and implementation of this Policy at all levels of the organization, and encourages the participation of all Personnel, each for the activities within his competence, in the achievement of the set Objectives.

Finally, in order to ensure that the Quality Management System remains adequate to the changing market situation, to the needs of the Customer, and to the evolution of regulations, the Management of DEA SYSTEM Spa intends to review it at least once a year, verifying at the same time the continuous suitability of the present Policy.


Piovene Rocchette (VI), 19 January 2023

Tiziano Lievore