Remote management


Remote control and diagnostics on gate and door motors

Have you ever thought..

how convenient it would be to remotely intervene on your customers’ gate, while sitting at your desk?

To set and correct parameters of sliding doors and gates without leaving your office, thus avoiding traffic, empty trips and wasted time?

All this is possible with NET-COM, the smart solution that allows you to remotely control the advanced management and diagnostics of automations for gates and doors.

NET-COM improves the management of installations, makes your work easier and meets the needs of your clients.

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What's NET-COM for?

NET-COM is a device that, when connected to the system, becomes a receiver able to manage up to 1500 remote controls with advanced commands.

It allows to manage and intervene, even remotely, on the control units in a quick and precise way, without moving from the office.

Thanks to NET-COM you can:

Discover all the advantages of NET-COM
for you and your customers

What are the advantages for the installer
using NET-COM?

NET-COM provides numerous advantages to the professional installer because:

It is a device compatible with any type of control unit

It works both with DE@NET and with automations of other brands. You can take full advantage of all the features of an advanced receiver.

It ensures rapid remote interventions

You can solve critical issues remotely, directly from the office. Even if it is necessary to go to the site to replace a part, movements will be reduced to a minimum thanks to remote diagnostics, optimizing time and resources.

It allows complete management of the installation

NET-COM allows a wide range of actions on automations without moving from your company: remote intervention, control, monitoring and parameter modification.

It is the fundamental tool for remotely configuring remote controls

If a customer loses or breaks a remote control, you can create a new one with the same settings. You can download from DEAcloud all the data of the old remote control, transfer it to the new one and send it to the customer. In addition, the KILLER remote control function is available: in case of theft, the new remote control is able to deactivate the stolen radio control from the first activation.

What are the advantages for your customer?

NET-COM provides numerous advantages to the professional installer because:

Checking the status of the gate
Il tuo cliente può controllare se il cancello di casa è rimasto aperto mentre è a lavoro oppure può aprire il portone al fattorino che deve consegnare un pacco.
Remotely closing or opening the gate
Your customer can use their smartphone to open the gate without the need for keys or access codes to keep in mind.
Associating a DEA data SIM card
The customer can choose the DEA data SIM card that includes a prepaid connectivity service for 5 years and a data traffic threshold to manage operations remotely
Controlling accesses and authorisations
Your customer can give or withdraw specific authorisations according to their needs, e.g. give the remote control to the cleaning lady and decide to let her in the house only on specific days and in specific time slots.

How does NET-COM work?

NET-COM is a multi-functional device, that can be installed easily in just a few steps.

To install NET-COM

Connect the control unit
Access DEAcloud
Create the configuration

Distinctive features

NET-COM connects directly to DEAcloud,
the online database by DEA that allows you to:

Manage the installations
Set the remote controls
Configure automatic actions
Control authorisations for physical access, access to the apps, and automatic opening of the gate telephonically
Manage, write and read the data of all the DE@NET control units

NET-COM guarantees you considerable time saving and
your customer a safe and personalized use of the automation.

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Discover all the advantages of NET-COM for you and your customers