Control board for 230V DEA operators


Control board for 24V DEA operators


NET-CPU EVO control module, for 230V three-phase motors, managing 1 or 2 power modules with NET-M230-I inverter.

DE@NET: one control unit, all solutions

DE@NET is a single control unit compatible with all DEA automations both 230V and 24V. It makes global management smarter, safer, simpler, and therefore faster .



To install the DE@NET control units you only need to know the motor voltage: the configuration is always the same. This means that a DE@NET card can control all DEA automations and you don't need to have a stock of different replacement cards for each motor you install. 
If you need to replace an automation card, simply bring a 230V or 24V card with you.



DE@NET control units are able to control up to two automations of the same system in a synchronized way. For a double-leaf gate you will therefore only need one card.
To control the automation via radio, the 433MHz receiver is built-in and can store up to 100 remote controls (fixed code or rolling code).



DE@NET control units are available in a version with movement dynamic control via digital encoder.
The system detects the necessary thrust force during the whole gate movement; when there is an obstacle the detected force increases, the motor stops its movement and reverses the direction of travel.



DE@NET control units are available in 230V, compatible with the magnetic encoder which all motors with the same voltage are equipped with, and in 24V with built-in digital encoder, both "bare" and pre-installed in plastic boxes for external mounting or installed on metal plate with conduits and DIN rail for mounting on STEELBOX.

STEELBOX is the painted steel box with metal key lock (compatible with all DEA motor locks) designed to contain and protect all the electronics needed for more complex installations.



Simplified programming allows you to set the basic parameters for any type of automation in a few simple steps.
There are 99 setting parameters. The settings that can be adjusted include: the type of automation, the force, the movement and slowdown speed, the sensitivity of the anti-crush sensor, the inputs... and much more, so that the automation can operate according to meticulous and precise indications. 

Once the installation is complete, you will have the possibility to lock the programming to avoid tampering with the system.
Automatic simplified stroke learning procedure.



DE@NET control units are even smarter thanks to NETLINK technology that allows you to configure your installations and manage your remote controls from your smartphone.
With the DEAinstaller app you have full access to system management and control unit parameters and can always have a backup of your data on the DEAcloud, which you can access at any time, wherever you are.