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It would be convenient to remotely mange the gate of your clients while setting at your office desk, or to set and correct parameters, thus avoiding traffic, empty trips and wasted time.

All this is possible with NET-COM, the smart solution that allows you to remotely control the advanced management and diagnostics of automations for gates and doors.

The DEA world is energy, sharing, commitment.

Thanks to the privileged relationship with selected professionals, we are able to create products that are calibrated to practical needs and to anticipate the needs that will arise.

Safe and tested Italian production.

By investing in systems, equipment and people we have increased the quality of our products and raised the standards of our service, year by year.
The centralization of all the development phases allows us to have full control over the entire production and distribution process: this is of fundamental importance in order to guarantee the quality of every single element, especially when it comes to technology and electronics related to the safety of people.

Since 2013, the group has become stronger thanks to the collaboration with DEA HT, the high technology division dedicated to the development and production of electronic components. 40 people who design, engineer, prototype and test the electronic elements that manage our automations.

Safe and tested Italian production.

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