GHOST, the underground automation for swing gates


The GHOST underground automation for swing gates moves leaves up to 4 metres long and weighing up to 400 kg. The name is telling: this motor is invisible and performs its function underground with precision and maximum safety for people and vehicles. 


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The GHOST motor for swing gates is robust because we use solid materials, resistant to mechanical and time wear, such as the metal gears and the aluminium and steel external components. In addition, the monoblock cast aluminium body gives the automation greater solidity and robustness.

Being underground, GHOST is placed inside a case with cataphoresis treatment, a special painting that gives it considerable resistance against corrosion and protects all the components inside. Upon request, the case can also be supplied in stainless steel for greater protection against atmospheric agents.

For areas subject to frequent rainfall, the solution is the GHOST 100. This motor, in fact, also has a monoblock cast aluminium body with cataphoresis treatment: a peculiarity that guarantees maximum protection.

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