WILL 140 E, the universal automation for roller shutters

WILL 140 E

The WILL 140 E automation has been designed for heavy roller shutters. In fact, its tensile force is very high, up to 1400N. It is an effective and safe solution which is easy to install.

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The WILL 140 E motor is equipped with an electro-brake, which guarantees the irreversible movement of the shutter and allows it to be locked at any point you want to leave it. Moreover, the limit switch adjustment is micrometric both while opening and closing: this allows an extremely precise control of the shutter.


The WILL 140 E automation is compatible with BLINDOS, a safety box that protects the cable connected to the release mechanism. This solution allows you to easily handle the shutter even from outside. In case of power failure, you will be able to enter the building and the release mechanism will be safe from any attempt of tampering.